Ron Rosen Bio

Combining art with fashion has been a passion for me ever since I met my wife Tammy, in college, at the world-renowned Rhode Island School of Design.

It was there that our romance began as well as our working partnership. I immediately noticed her unique personality and A-typical style paired perfectly.

From this revelation, I determined to make my mark helping others achieve their personal synergy.  I found I could accomplish this best through fine jewelry as I combine a client’s personality and story forming their own narrative in precious metals and stones. It’s a lifestyle conversation.

To that end, I have created collections where women can look at all my beautiful jewels and craft a wardrobe to compliment each occasion, as well as who they are and how they want to be perceived.

I strive to create designs that are fresh and innovative while still being recognizable. My goal is to always be timeless and uncompromising in my commitment to both design and quality.

My work is my passion and so it is my pleasure to bring you the jewelry collections of Ron Rosen Ltd.